Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Fun at Martin's Orchard

Oh, I love this orchard.
We live up the road from one of the largest pumpkin patches in the country,
like the Disney World of Pumpkin Patches.  
But, somehow, I almost prefer this simple orchard and pumpkin patch.

They have a mini corn maze.

Nice to not get lost for hours or lose anyone like you can in the big ones.
(Not that, that has happened - we only lose our children at Universal Studios)

 Corn play
Can you tell who wanted to bury herself?

He loves this jacket,
it is getting so small for him, but he is in denial about that.

Watch out

scary guy in the bushes.

It melts my heart when I see him help the littlest one.
Marin was scared to go down the slide
after the first time down was at mock speed.

She was adamant about removing her jacket.
Stubborn as the day is long that child.

 my crew

So it was nice they still had raspberry picking

Marin ate a few along the way
I heard a lot of "mmmm"
"ahhnt more"


 Off to get pumpkins...

Lydia called it the popcorn pumpkin.
We opted not to take that one though.

Love fuzzy, wuzzies

This is a silly pic - she was pretending that teeny tiny pumpkin was heavy.

Aliza looked at our bounty and was so happy to see all the raspberries!
"Wow, that is a lot of raspberries"
in her 4 year old little voice.
How did God make kids voices to sound so so so so precious, how?

Just the girls

They climbed up and down and raced each other.
The boys kept racing on opposite sides...
Evan finally figured out dad was having Cyrus get a head start sometimes!

Lydia found the teeniest tiny apple.

 She ended up finding more and collecting them.  

Marin found a slippery tunnel.
She probably would have spent the whole day in it - if I let her.

Llama hanging out.
(Llama makes me want to say pajama)

I love that fall sky ~
especially with those big black tires!

Aliza told us it was the best day ever!
She says that a lot - which is quite beautiful.
I love how little ones truly appreciate the simplest things in life.
Give her a new .99 cent coloring book
 and you would think she was given a whole candy store!


We all just kept saying how great of a day it was.
Lydia even mentioned how she does not even care if we make it to Pumpkin Disneyland Vala's this year because we got to go to Martin's and pick pumpkins!

An attitude of gratitude...very beautiful.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Day of School - Fall 2014

Sending my little ducks out...
 Evan 9 1/2yrs. ~ 4th grade

Lydia 8 yrs. ~ 3rd grade

Cyrus 6 yrs. ~ 1st grade

"Be good and kind, even when others are not...and I love you."
I tell this to them every most mornings - I probably should think of something way better.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter......completely late

 So, here is our Easter.....3 weeks past Easter....ugh.
I have been in a rut with photos......not really getting good ones.  Maybe God is telling me something, I should not be obsessive about "the perfect" photo.  I just compare too much, which is wrong, wrong wrong.
I wanted a picture of our whole family - did not happen.  Why is that so hard?  It is soo hard for our family - nearly impossible.


The girl on the bench
 was pretty adamant about sitting on the bench....
made for great composition....ugh

This series was cute
I wish our little Mare Bear would have been in them!

I do not even remember what she discovered, 
they are always finding something, aren't they.

 The camera Gods are against me
well, her hair is lovely, even if it is blowing in my face!
 So, we will just split up - I take the girls

Dad can take the boys.
Easter basket - Treasures

because, nothing says happy Easter and Alleluia
like a Skylanders t-shirt.

They did each get a little saint in their baskets
Lydia got St. Lydia
They are from Saintly Silver on Etsy.

Aliza with St. Cecilia.

Everyone needs one of these...

This guy - he is pretty fun!
I guess the 9 year old boy is pretty fun too!

She is always pointing at something we should be seeing.
Isn't that so funny - that universal baby trait.

The boys had fun with their Family Dollar store helicopter
- the all of 7 minutes it lasted.  It is too bad too - they were really having fun with it.

 So we had family over and after everyone ate
the cousins played touch football - in our tiny backyard
but they managed

Cyrus had turned 6 -two weeks before

(we had a little birthday for him on his b-day)
but with family over for Easter we got to "celebrate" his birthday again on Easter!
My kids love Angel Food cake, better than regular cake.
My Cy Guy

This was the last year for that little sweater vest.
I know he wore it last year, possibly the year before....kinda sad.


Everyone went home -
some took a nap (dad and Marin...he worked on that meat for 3 days - well deserved rest!)
but then ended the day with some hoops and more outside play.

Everyone else had long since changed...
(Lydia a couple times)

But this one

She kept her dress on until the end.
 She wanted nothing to do with changing out of it.
She had been waiting patiently for a few weeks to be able to wear her "Easter Dress".
I know it looks more like a princess dress than Easter, but my goodness she loves that dress and I figure she is God's princess, so it worked out well!